Exploring the 10 Best Travel Destinations in Wakatobi


Located in Southeast Sulawesi Province, Wakatobi has a unique nautical charm. For the people who love traveling, it is only right to visit Wakatobi since it is interesting to explore.

Are you interested in visiting Wakatobi for your next vacation? Let’s find out recommendations for various tourist destinations in Wakatobi that you must visit!

  1. Hendaopa Natural Baths

Located in Wawatimo Village, the peak of Mount Tomia, Hendaopa natural bath is a tourist destination you must visit. To get there, you must first enter a small cave that first looks like an ordinary pit. You wouldn’t have thought that there would be a very beautiful natural bath inside.

  1. Hoga Island Beach

Talking about the beauty of Wakatobi tourism can not be separated from the exotic beaches which lie in Eastern Indonesia. Hoga Island Beach is one of the beaches known for its fine and very clean white sand.

This Wakatobi tourist destination, which is separated by a narrow strait from Kaledupa Island, is also known for its much calmer waves. With this very calming atmosphere, you will lose time while enjoying its beauty.

  1. Kulati Village Tomia Island

Another favorite island in Wakatobi for tourists is Tomia Island. You cannot miss one tourist destination, namely Kulati Village, a small village located on the east side of Tomia Island.

This small village, which still has a strong traditional atmosphere, is located in a hilly area and is famous for its exotic landscape views. Surrounded by cliffs that frame the white sandy beach and the vast blue sea surface, making the scenery in this village very stunning.

  1. Peak of Heaven in Tomia

Another tourist attraction in Wakatobi that Toppers can find on Tomia Island is Puncak Kahyangan. This place is a wide grass hill where you can see the exotic panorama of the Tomia Island landscape from a height.

It is also famous for its beautiful sunset panorama. In addition, you can also spend the night camping in these hills to see the beautiful stretch of stars in the stunning Wakatobi night sky.

  1. Lake Sombano

Located in the middle of the Mangrove Forest area of ​​Kaledupa Island, the clear water of Lake Sombano is increasingly exotic with a variety of tropical flora such as orchids. There are also various species of pandanus and, of course, the mangroves that surround it.

In addition to the beauty of the panorama, this tourist spot in Wakatobi has a legend about a black crocodile that is believed to inhabit the lake. So many local people do not encourage tourists to swim in the lake.

  1. Anano Island Beach

Having the nickname “Island of a Thousand Turtles” makes Anano Island a special attraction in Wakatobi. This small uninhabited island is indeed a nesting location for green turtle colonies and hawksbill turtles, so many tourists often come to this island to see hatching turtle eggs.

Even though it’s not in the spawning season, the beauty of the beach on Anano Island makes it an interesting tourist spot to visit just to enjoy the beautiful sunset panorama.

  1. Goa Kontamale

Unique caves with groundwater also dominate the beauty of the beaches and the exoticism of natural tourism in Wakatobi. One of the most popular is Goa Kontamale that’s located on Wangi-Wangi Island.

Also known as Goa Telaga because of the puddle of water on the lips of the Cave, Toppers can explore the exoticism of tourist attractions decorated with stalagmites and other clear water flows in this cave.

  1. Aopa Watumohai Swamp National Park

Still not satisfied with the beauty of the natural landscape in Wakatobi? Try visiting the Rawa Aopa Watumohai National Park on Wakatobi Island. With an area exceeding 1,050 km2, Toppers can explore various landscapes ranging from savanna and mountains to mangrove forests’ expanse.

With the exoticism of nature with its rich flora and fauna, this tourist spot is a favorite destination for nature photography lovers. Try camping and spending the night surrounded by the natural beauty of this place to spend more time here.

  1. Tindoi Protected Forest

Located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level on Wangi-Wangi Island, the Tindoi Forest is a protected forest that is quite sacred by the local community. However, behind the legend, this place has rich biodiversity typical of an amazing tropical rainforest. This makes it suitable to be explored when visiting Wakatobi, especially for those who have an adventurous spirit.

  1. Liya Togo Fortress

Tired of nature tourism, you can visit historical sights there. Its name is Fort Liya Togo which still stands firmly with fort walls made of rock with egg white adhesive. Unique, right?

In this complex, you can also visit the oldest mosque in Eastern Indonesia. It is Mubarok Mosque or Grand Keraton Liya Togo Mosque which was built in 1546.

Ready to start your getaway to Wakatobi? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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