The ultimate features and specifications of the Storz Bickel Mighty vaporizer


There are different kinds of vaporizers available in the market that you can buy according to your budget and need. These days every vaping machine is unique and distinct. Among all these, Storz Bickel Mighty that you can consider going for.

Features and specifications

As far as features and specifications are concerned, Mighty is really proved to be an amazing vaporizer model in this regard. This is why people tend to use Mighty more than others. Once this vaporizer was released in the market, it became instant user favourite despite its slight off-the-chart price and unwieldy form. Among the positives of Mighty, few aspects are notable, such as its certification, airflow, and vapor quality. This is the reason as to why Mighty is also recommended by doctors to be used as a medical device too.

The latest version of Mighty is known to be Mighty+ that comes with slightly updates features and specifications. First, in Mighty+ there is a ceramic coated chamber along with a USB-C charging port. On top of that, this model of Mighty comes with a new mode to boost current temperature. Not to mention, 60 second start-up time of Mighty+ model makes it very effective and efficient. This version of vaporizer even has feet-like structure, which can help this stand on the table verticle.


This Vaporizer has got certified by UL which is a reputed U.S. based global safety certification organization. Storz und Bickel Mighty becomes first ever dry herb vaporizer that carries official UL logo. This certification has really made so many people buy Mighty Vaporizer without thinking twice. Upon using this device, you will surely have ultimate weed experience to say the least.


Storz Bickel Mighty is certainly regarded as one of the best battery-operated devices that are currently available in the market. The incremental latest update of Mighty Plus makes it stand out among all the similar models. Storz und Bickel Mighty comes with a USB-C through which it takes around 40 minutes to get 80% charge. The battery of this device is highly functional.


The Filling chamber of this device is to work amazingly. This chamber of Storz und Bickel Mighty is known to be coated in ceramic, making maintenance very easy and effective. Not to mention, it takes about 60 seconds for this Storz und Bickel Mighty device to heat up. It would help buy Mighty Vaporizer for its high battery performance to enjoy amazing weed vapor. Pressing the temperature button thrice will activate the super-booster mode, which will bump the temperature by 59 degrees.

Satisfying vapor

Most people buy Mighty Vaporizer due to its satisfying vapor. This device is amazingly efficient in creating pure and quality weed vapor. You should also proceed to buy Mighty Vaporizer for getting the ultimate weed vapor in the best way possible. Once you buy Mighty Vaporizer, you will completely understand its significance in getting the best weed experience.

The dense and tasty weed vapor is liked by most Storz & Bickel vaporizer users. The hit of this Storz & Bickel device is known to be quite satisfying to say the least. This is the very reason as to why the popularity of Storz & Bickel vaporizer is known to be extreme among its users.

Parts and accessories

You can buy this vaporizer from vaporizer shop to experience the ultimate Marihuana vapor. Once you buy the bag of this device, you tend to get few parts and accessories such as water filter attachment and capsule caddy. On the other hand, it also comes with Side Kit and dosing capsules. Both the side kit and dosing capsules prove to be beneficial. Once you get a bag of this device, its capsule caddy will be useful to you for various reasons. This device also has a magazine which is an essential part in helping you get the ultimate cannabis experience. Not to mention, there are other parts such as grafting pad and glass mouthpiece. This glass mouthpiece ensures you do not feel any heat while using it.


Once you buy online or place an order to get this device for enjoying cannabis, then you should also get Mighty App. This Mighty App is really effective and useful in operating the device. You can effectively get the feeling of THC presence in the weed. Its Glass Mouthpiece does not let you feel the heat. Hence, Glass Mouthpiece is really useful and effective.


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