Feel the Experience of Exploring the Gili Islands in Lombok



Lombok isn’t only about rocky landscapes and beautiful beaches. If you drift slightly overseas, you might realize that the primary island is surrounded by several smaller islands, known as ‘gili,’ where you can find crystal clear waters and soft white sand shores.

Then there is Gili Air. Together with the music, air, and general mindset of Gili Air, you are going to experience what seems like a hippy vibe. On the island’s west side, it’s still possible to find a reasonable number of pubs, but the nightlife here is tame compared to Trawangan.

Swing Under the Sunset at Ombak Sunset and Ombak Paradise Hotels

If you have seen Gili Trawangan’s photographs, you will probably have noticed the famous Sunset Swing or popularly called Datu Sunset Swing. A couple of steps from the coastline can swing over the sea with a loved one while enjoying the sunset.

Jumping around to Gili Air, there’s Hotel Ombak Paradise. Here you can have a nest swing that is currently climbing in Instagram-popularity. As a guest in Hotel Ombak Paradise, then it is possible to easily walk from the shore into the life-size nest and gently rock together with the waves.

Sail on A Glass-Bottomed Kayak at Gili Air Lagoon Resort

Dreaming of exploring Gili Air is more special? Then you must choose Gili Air Lagoon Resort. This hotel is distinctively shaped like a ring, with small wooden cottages surrounding a transparent blue lagoon. People that are not lovers of saltwater will enjoy leaping into the pool directly out of your room.

You will even be able to get up near the sea around the hotel’s unique glass-bottomed kayaks. Just as its name describes, the kayak comes with a very clear glass bottom, so you will be able to peer through and conveniently learn more about the sea from above!

Dive and Explore the Artistic Underwater Universe of Nest

Enthusiast to stop by a brand new underwater sculpture at sea?

An eco-friendly project Nest is a place of 48-piece underwater sculptures of human statues laying down and standing up. If you can think of it, the human statues currently live on the Meno seabed were sculpted with casts of actual human bodies!

The concept of the display? Sustainability. It was created to support, restore and rebalance marine life, tourism, and local business. In a year, sea turtles and corals will start to form a world where sea animals can dwell, so keep a look out in 2018! There is no entry fee, so come and experience the delicate all-natural environment underneath the sea.

Sail Away to the Almost-private Island: Gili Kedis

When you have researched the three primary Gili Islands and believe that it is about island-hopping about Lombok, you are mistaken!

There are many more exotic islands with beautiful crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, including Gili Kedis. It is a quiet island that almost feels like your very own private island!

Although Gili Kedis is small (it is possible to circle the island on foot in about ten minutes), it is well worth the trip. Since you alight in the ship at Kedis, you will be stepping on a stunning soft sand beach that crosses around the island’s border, and because not many tourists know about this gili, you might even have the entire island for yourself!

From a Movie Set — Bangkang Cave

 Does this seem like a cave directly from an Indiana Jones film?

This hundred-year-old cave can be found in a neighborhood village that remains unexplored by tourists. This cave can be home to many bats, and the best time to visit would be before sunset. You can explore the spectacular event of thousands of bats leaving their nest and flying from the cave.

Climb the Fiery Active Volcano into the Greatest Scenery in Indonesia — Mount Rinjani

Everybody needs to have this in their bucket checklist — climb an active volcano.

Volcano Rinjani is merely one of those heavy smokers who simply won’t stop but also attempting to be in its greenest.

This powerful volcano comes with an outstanding panoramic view that makes it among the best volcanological attractions on earth. Those loose lava stones, sand, and higher elevations will need physical fitness to ensure it is a fun trek. It’s strongly suggested that you begin coaching by walking at 5 kilometers daily with weights before getting the real trek.

Ready to start your getaway to Lombok? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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