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They are considered to be the most expensive gemstones in the world: diamonds. Valuable gemstones keep making headlines because they are sold for horrific sums in auction houses from London to New York. The sparkling gemstones have always been a symbol of wealth, power and beauty.

Nowadays they are often bought as a valuable gift or even as an investment. Do you want to buy a diamond ring and are wondering what to look out for? This guide will help you choose the right diamond so that you will be happy with your jewels for a long time. So shop now the best choices that you can make now.

Why Would You Want To Buy A Diamond?

First of all, you should understand why you want to buy a diamond ring because if you have a little extra money, for example, and want to invest it, other things are important than when choosing a gift.  Diamond jewelry is particularly often bought as a gift. Whether this is a gift to you or to a loved one is of secondary importance. Diamonds are also popular symbols on special occasions, for example in the form of an engagement or wedding ring.

What Do You Or The Recipient Like?

If you are looking for a diamond ring for one of the reasons mentioned above, in the next step you should define what you or your partner, family member or friend like. You probably know your own taste, so choosing a piece of jewelry for yourself will be quick.

If you are looking for a gift, you should think twice. What would the recipient like? Does he or she have a favorite color? Does the person wear jewelry more often or do they prefer it more subtle? It can’t hurt to get a second opinion before choosing a piece of jewelry. Friends and family of the person will be happy to advise you.

Basic Knowledge of Diamonds

Before you buy, it can’t hurt to do a little research and study the most important facts about diamonds which you are already doing by reading this article. Diamonds are rare minerals that formed naturally millions of years ago and are extremely difficult to find. Naturally occurring rough diamonds are cut into shape by experts, giving them the luster and shape for which these gemstones are so famous.

The value of a gemstone and thus the price is determined using the ‘four Cs’: Clarity, Color, Cut, Carat. Translated, this means: clarity, color, cut and carat. While the clarity and color of a diamond is a given from the start, the cut and the number of carats can be influenced during further processing.

Carat is the unit of measure used to determine the weight of a diamond. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Whether you want to pay attention to all these features when purchasing or simply choose a design that fits your budget is up to you. At least you now know which quality features influence the price of gemstone jewelry and what the unit for diamonds is, in which the weight is measured.

Set a Budget

As you can see, there are several factors that affect the value of a diamond. In addition, the remaining material that is used in a diamond ring also plays a role: Precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum are offered at very different prices and influence the purchase price of a piece of jewelry. If you set a budget right from the start, it will be easier for you to choose. A certain budget reduces the number of rings that are suitable for you. This allows you to narrow down your selection and make a decision more easily.

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Should I Buy A Diamond Or A Diamond?

A surprising number of people who are looking for the perfect ring ask this question. A diamond is nothing more than a diamond that has been cut into a certain shape: the so-called brilliant cut. This is one of the most popular cuts you have most likely seen a diamond before. Whether you opt for a round brilliant cut, a more rectangular emerald cut or a diamond in the shape of a heart is entirely up to you. There are so many different cuts that the right stone can be found for every taste.

The color of the diamond and the base of the ring also play a role: do you like classic white or yellow gold, or do you prefer red gold or platinum? The final big decision is the ring design. In addition to the number and arrangement of diamonds, you can choose from many different styles. From vintage to simple to modern designs, there is a wide range of styles.

Seek Advice

If you are not sure what you like or what suits a person to be given a gift, get a second opinion. It doesn’t matter whether these are family, friends or experts. A diamond ring is an investment and the advice of someone else can give you confidence that you are making the right decision. If you are unsure or have any questions, you can also contact experts online, for example by email or live chat.

Choosing the Right Dealer

When buying a diamond ring, it is important to find a trusted dealer. When choosing the seller, make sure that the diamond jewelry is offered with a certificate. This confirms things like the carat, purity and cut of the diamond and identifies you as the owner of the piece of jewelry. Certification gives you the assurance that you are dealing with a trustworthy expert and that you are purchasing diamonds from traceable sources.

Now that you know the basics of buying diamonds, the funniest part begins: choosing the perfect ring. Browse through a large selection of different diamond rings from Diamond jewelry store and be inspired by the sparkling gemstones. If you are unsure, the professional team will be happy to help you whether by email, live chat or telephone. You can also see the jewelry in person in the showroom. Good luck choosing your diamond ring.


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