Outstanding Demon Slayer Costumes in Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner. Are you ready for it? Today, we will introduce you to a few very nice costumes. They all come from the recent popular anime —- Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

  • Kamado Tanjiro Cosplay

There is no doubt that Tanjiro’s costume is the choice of most people who pick Demon Slayer Costumes. Therefore, if you want to cosplay Tanjiro, you had better go shopping as soon as possible. The special feature of this costume is the leg bandage wrap design. Also the wide robe can cover your figure, so you look like a handsome warrior!

  • Nezuko Kamado Cosplay

Nezuko Kamado is a demon and the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado and one of the two remaining members of the Kamado family. This lovely girl is loved by many cosplayers. She notably holds a muzzle in her mouth, making her a very recognizable character in cosplay. So if you decide to cosplay her, pretty much everyone will know who you are! Her whole costume is made of polyester material and there are 8 individual costumes. Whether it’s a bright pink kimono to or pretty toe socks, this Demon Slayer Costumes stays true to the animation.

  • Rengoku Kyoujurou Cosplay

While a lot of the members of the demon-slaying Hashira can have an off-putting personality, Rengoku was pretty much respected by all. This Rengoku Kyoujurou cosplay costume is made of polyester material and is therefore very light. Most reviews mention that the colors used are vibrant and do not fade. It is also very realistic because the pattern is made by computer printing. Many people who have purchased said: Rengoku looks great with his fiery appearance!

  • Agatsuma Zenitsu Cosplay

In the anime, Zenitsu crushing on Nezuko. When Zenitsu Agatsuma appeared in Demon Slayer, many fans couldn’t stand his weak-willed and easily intimidated behavior. However, as the anime continued, fans realized that he might not be that bad and even began to admire him, and all his flaws. Zenitsu’s roleplay has a rich bright yellow color that is sure to be a striking one. If you’ve practiced all your Zenitsu moves for this Halloween, you’ll be delighted.That’s because the polyester material and costume design give you the freedom to move as much as you want to be active. If you want an Anime Halloween Costumes that is suitable for the event, then this costume is very suitable for you.

  • Obanai Iguro White Cosplay

Obanai puts on a navy blue version of the basic Satanic force Killer attire, together with a black and white pinstriped haori, the hem as well as cuffs of which are striped length ways rather than up and down, which covers his hands. Obanai likewise sporting activities plasters in place of the leg-wraps around his calf bones providing the resemblance of Kyahan, as well as one more collection of plasters that cover his mouth, and white with blue-strapped zōri on his feet. He is likewise constantly seen with his white serpent, Kaburamaru, twisted around his shoulders.This Black & White Obanai Iguro cosplay costume includes top, pants, coat, belt,leg wear.


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