Why is CenturyLink famous over the other internet service providers?


With the pandemic increasing, more people started relying on technology to help stay at home and to stay entertained at the same time. Most of the internet service providers saw a huge spike in internet users from the year 2019 to 2020. The primary reason behind the increase was the pandemic, increase in work from home opportunities, and online learning.

Whether you use the Internet to video chat with your friends, play video games, watch your shows, stream movies, attend online learning et cetera, these online activities use up a lot of data. If you have a restricted plan, once you reach your data limit, the speed of accessing the Internet slows down, the buffering time increases, and your overall experience on the Internet turns sour. This is referred to as the data cap.

Data cap

A data cap refers to the amount of data that you can send and receive every month. Data caps are implemented by internet service providers. Depending on the internet service provider and the data pack that you have chosen for yourself, your data pack may be referred to as a fair use policy or monthly usage allowance.

Some of the internet service providers use soft data caps. Soft caps allow the internet providers to reduce the internet speed. The internet speed will slow down to limit your internet usage. This reduction of internet speed will not generally affect your browsing speeds but all the other experiences on the Internet like gaming, uploading large video files, streaming videos et cetera will be very negatively affected. Some internet service providers have hard caps. If you have opted for a hard cap option by your internet service provider, after you finish your monthly data plan, you can pay an extra amount and get more data. This way, you can keep increasing your data limit as and when it expires.

Why are data caps used in the first place?

Unfortunately, most customers assume that data caps are in place so that internet service providers can charge extra money for accessing the Internet once the monthly data is over. However, this is not true. There are many technical reasons behind putting data caps. Currently, millions of people are on the Internet at the same time. They are streaming videos, playing games, watching YouTube et cetera. It is the responsibility of the internet service provider to manage the data which they send across the network and distribute to the customers. If there is too much data being sent out at once, it will lead to data overload and may cause an internet outage. This is why internet service providers always have to cap the data network so that there is no internet outage.

Why should you opt for CenturyLink over the other internet service providers?

There is a reason why CenturyLink has excelled and defeated its competitors in the internet service-providing business. This is because CenturyLink does not believe in imposing the data cap issue on internet plans. Whether you have A business or are a residential customer, it does not matter. If you are a customer of CenturyLink, you will avail yourself of unlimited amounts of data regardless of the plan you choose.

The only thing the customers have to choose is the internet speed. At the moment, CenturyLink is working together into the suite all the way up to 940 MBPS. If there is the availability of superfast WiFi at home, you can connect many devices to the Internet and work simultaneously on all of them. This increases your focus and productivity.

Advantages of CenturyLink internet network

There are many benefits if you opt for the Internet of CenturyLink network. A few of them are:

  • Availability of company-provided wireless modem
  • The modem uses WiFi 6 to work.
  • You will be able to avail my CenturyLink app to control the home Internet. My CenturyLink app can also be used to control the security of your Internet as well as privacy.
  • The WiFi connection is very secure due to the presence of advanced level protection which is implemented by CenturyLink itself.
  • The WiFi provides high internet speed. This allows your Internet to be able to support multiple devices simultaneously.
  • The customer service is simply excellent. CenturyLink has 24/7 technical assistance for its users. Therefore, in case of any minor, major internet issue, it will get solved as soon as possible.
  • Wireless CenturyLink modem has its own router. The use of the router and modem provided by the company enhances data availability to all the devices, ensuring a seamless experience.

If you are based in Winfield, AL, CenturyLink Winfield AL should be your internet service right of choice. There are different internet and phone plans available from which you can choose.

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