What Other Points Should You Take Into Account When Choosing Your Work Coat?


There are some essential points to assess when choosing Work Jackets for your employees. The specifics, context, and environment in which these garments will be used have already been discussed. Thus, it is now essential to highlight other characteristics to choose the most suitable work coat.

Insulation (is the fabric and quilting used in the manufacture of this jacket able to insulate the cold from the outside?)

Is It Essential For Your Wearers That The Jacket Is Water-Resistant?

Lining material – This layer has the most contact with the skin and can help retain heat. Therefore, it is essential to define the material used in the lining well to keep it warm and dry.

Is It Essential For The Jacket To Have A Hood That Protects Your Head From The Rain And Keeps You Warm?

What is the most suitable customization for my collaborators? Jackets can be applied with several features to help customize fit and effectiveness. These could be adjustments to the hood, drawstrings at the bottom of the jacket to block the wind and cold air, elastics, or springs in the cuffs to make this piece cozier, among many others.

Other points that you can define within the customization of the piece are the zips or zippers and the definition of the various types of pockets that are best suited to your activity.

During winter, the Quilted Vest is an excellent option to keep you warm while working. This is an excellent choice to wear as a winter garment, but remember: wear a heavier sweatshirt to ensure all the comfort and warmth you need to do your job in a better way. Comfortable. In addition to the fact that a padded vest is an exquisite piece, it is also convenient, as it keeps the wearer warm and is not a heavy garment.

In some professions, it is unnecessary to have such high protection from the cold, so if you are not in contact with an environment with these characteristics, silk can be a good option. It retains odors and is moderately absorbent.


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