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Reasons you want blackout curtains


A majority have been demanding blackout curtains so they can sleep properly. On the other hand, what I found is that most people do not want their room to be so dark that even during the day you can’t see your hand in front of your face. What they really want is a very dark room, but they can still get out of bed and reach the bathroom without breaking their neck.

So how do you make your very dark room happen?

No.1- Put on your curtains . (Talk about saying the bloody obvious) If you are good to sew, do it yourself. If not, get a curtain manufacturer to do it using their existing curtains or better in inventing its new curtains.

No.2- Fits a pellet on the top of your curtains. Use an upper wooden board to hang the curtains and upper treatment.

Well, it is a wooden board, usually 15 cm wide by 1.8 cm thick, and while its window is wide. He looks at the wall on his window with a simple “L” forming the shelf. Usually set 15 cm at 20 cm on your window. His cenefa fits the narrow edge of the board with velcro tape and the curtain rails are fixed under the plate. (Now if they were ready, can I continue?)

This has 2 benefits

  • First, everything hangs better.
  • Second, the board blocks the light that comes out of the top of its curtains.

No.3- Returns the outer edges of your blackout curtain back to the wall. What that means, well, simply your curtains normally hang from a curtain rail. The outer edges sit against the wall on both sides of their window. The only thing is that light can still be filtered through a small space.

Then, to avoid this, it fits a pellet table as indicated above. Then, before hanging your superior treatment. Order the outer edges of your curtain. You must screw up an eye metal screw at the bottom of the upper table. The metal screw eye must fix a pair of cm from each end of the board and as close as possible to the wall.

Then hook the last curtain hook on the outer edges of her curtain in the metal screw eyes. This has the effect of taking the outer edges of their curtains back to the walls that block almost all the light on the sides of their curtains

No.4- Your curtain rails are the next thing you can do something. You need 2 curtain rails, both half the width of your window plus 15 cm. So, if your upper table is 200 cm long, then you need 2 rails at 115 cm long.

Why 2 rails? Well, we will overlap them in the middle. You must fix a rail to the back of your upper table and the other some cm later. This allows your curtains to hang and close to overlap and block almost all the light that comes from the center of its curtains.

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