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Heat pumps supply a terrific energy-efficient option for home cooling and heating your house. Nonetheless, did you know that absence of correct maintenance and normal maintenance could considerably influence the performance and efficiency of your heat pump? It may also create troubles later down the track as well as minimize your product’s lifespan.

Generally of thumb, you need to be cleaning your heat pump’s filter once a month. Over time the accumulate of dirt, as well as particles, can congest the air filter, as well as restrict air circulation. Cleaning your filter frequently will make sure that your heat pump operates at optimum effectiveness and reduce unnecessary power intake.

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Removing as well as cleaning your filter is a reasonably easy job that you can do without the help of a professional.

  • Make certain your heat pump is switched off prior to you begin
  • Get rid of the front panel of your unit
  • Remove the air filter as well as clean with a little brush or vacuum with a brush accessory. You might also pick to rinse with warm water. If so, leave in a shaded location to dry or utilize a soft completely dry towel.
  • Slide air filter back into the unit as well as replace the front panel.

If you have any kind of issues, contact us, as well as we would be greater than satisfied to guide you through.

Your heat pump should also be correctly serviced every year, as suggested by the EECA, as well as all the manufacturers.

Service by one of HPAC’s service technicians consists of:

  • Clean as well as sanitize the systems’ coils
  • Tidy air filters
  • Clean as well as decontaminate drain pipelines and condensate pumps if fitted
  • Examine the electrical circuit for the system
  • Inspect the systems mistake diagnostics
  • Look for any kind of refrigerant gas leaks
  • Examine temperature level readings
  • Examine sound levels
  • Inspect the systems general operation
  • Advise in any operation as well as upkeep demands if required

Professionals have authorized solution representatives for any type of heat pump system. If your heat pump is more than a year old, speak to them today concerning scheduling duct and filter inspections.


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