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Four Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Granite Kitchen Countertops


Yes, it is time to remodel your kitchen! But wait a minute – Are you done checking the do’s and don’ts of granite kitchen countertop beforehand? No matter how keen you are in getting comptoir quartz Granite au Sommet, there are few things that you need to keep in mind before opting for one.

Avoid the following points before you are all set for a new granite kitchen countertop:

  1. Do not get obsessed with the thickness of granite

It is true that the thickness of a granite slab is an important base for its purchase, but that shouldn’t be the only thing for you to focus on. Granite countertops come in two thickness measurements – 1 ¼ inches and ¾ inch. If your keen focus is only on the thickness then you might end up buying two glued slabs which definitely is not a clever purchase. Check out some custom solid slabs for a better buy. They may be expensive, but worth a buy.

  1. Incorrect or Inaccurate Kitchen Measurements

It is always advisable to get the exact measurements of your kitchen before buying a granite countertop. You might end up buying too many slabs if the measurement is not correct. This may exceed your budget unnecessarily. In case you are unable to take the measurement on your own, call for a professional. Sometimes, the countertop fabricators send their technicians to take the measurements before the order is placed.

  1. Do not mismatch your countertop with the kitchen cabinets

In order to add more appeal to your kitchen, it is advisable to always match the countertop with the other interiors of your kitchen. Mismatched colors and interiors make your kitchen look too shabby. Do keep in mind the furniture design, basin look and other aesthetics before you fix your purchase. Once there’s a mismatch then there’s very little you can do about your kitchen’s appearance.

  1. Do not forget the sink cut out

Before you order your kitchen countertop, avoid hasting up with a properly cut sink hole. There’s a possibility that you may go wrong with the size of the sink. Hence, it is always advisable to give appropriate measurements of the sink that needs to be fit in the comptoir quartz Granite au Sommet. If the sink hole cut is not correct, you may end up paying more in terms of money and time.

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