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Entry Doors: Why Should You Prefer Them Made of Wood?


You can make your front doors from any material you want, but none can ever surpass the quality of wood. As an extremely prized asset, your entry door should be made of wood so that it can reflect warmth and beauty. If you are from Quebec, you should check out the Inter Québec entry doors made of high-quality SPF wood. 

Most people get confused between making the choice of material when it comes to making and designing front doors. There are tons of reasons why your front door should be made of wood; however, here, we will discuss just a few major reasons. 

  1. Wood Can Be Custom Crafted 

Your front door has to be crafted really beautifully, and that could only be possible if it is made of a door. You can craft other materials as well, but not to the extent that that wood allows. 

Wood can be crafted into anything and any shape, which is why front doors made of wood are the most beautiful of all. 

  1. Uniqueness

Having a unique front door can stand out your house among all others. You can achieve that by having a wooden front door. Every piece of wood is identical in its own way, so your door will always be unique from other doors. 

  1. Durability

Wooden doors are exceptionally durable and can withstand extreme climatic and weather conditions. Wood has the incredible capacity to adjust to the outside temperature, which is why they are very durable and have unmatched strength. 

  1. Energy Efficiency 

Wood is highly energy-efficient, which makes it best for houses. By having your front door made of wood, you can ensure that it doesn’t heat up in the summers, which can be very uncomfortable and annoying. 

  1. Safety

One may assume that doors made of wood would be weaker; however, that’s a misconception. Wooden front doors are way stronger than those made of steel or fiberglass.

  1. Weight 

Wooden front doors are also very light. The low weight not only makes them easy to use but also enables them to make less noise. Steel and iron doors can be very noisy and annoying in this regard. 


The entryway of every home is one of the most observed areas and should therefore be designed very carefully. It is important not only to make your house look beautiful but also to increase the value of your house. 

Houses that have aesthetically beautiful front doors are more liked by people than those which have simple doors. That’s why you should always go for beautifully crafted wooden front doors, preferably made of SPF wood. 

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