Can Dental Bonding Fix Crooked Teeth?


A beautiful smile is destroyed by crooked teeth, which makes you conscious of it and want to have it fixed. But some people have second thoughts and think braces are the only way to fix crooked teeth.

It is untrue; if your teeth are only slightly crooked, dental bonding can correct them. To find out if you can go for dental bonding, though, you will need to speak with a dentist. If you have crooked teeth, we encourage you to contact a good dentist in Burlingame, CA, and read this post to learn more about dental bonding for crooked teeth.

Can dental bonding fix the front crooked tooth?

Front tooth gaps are most noticed when you smile or talk. They require an unnoticeable treatment to fix them. Therefore, dental bonding can be done to the front tooth if it is slightly crooked by applying a tooth-colored resin to the crooked tooth. However, dental bonding on the front tooth requires strategic application and shaping of resin without using the traditional composite filling.

What Is The Process of Dental Bonding?

Examining your teeth

During your first appointment with your dentist for dental bonding, the dentist will examine your teeth to check if dental bonding is right for you. If your tooth is slightly crooked, then the dentist will advise you of this treatment. 

Furthermore, the dentist will also check the need for teeth whitening to ensure the resin matches your tooth color. If you have discoloration, the dentist will take you through a teeth whitening treatment before dental bonding.

Preparing the teeth

After the teeth whitening, the dentist will prepare your teeth for dental bonding in the next appointment. Here, the dentist will apply a mild acid to your teeth following a conditioning liquid to allow your teeth to hold the resin applied during bonding for a long time.

Application of dental bonding

After preparing your teeth, the dentist will start applying resin to them, covering the crooked area. Once the resin is applied, the dentist will use UV light over it for a few seconds to dry the resin. Finally, the dentist will check the teeth’ symmetry, use a dental drill to shape your teeth and give them a natural finish.

Advantages Of Dental Bonding For Crooked Teeth

Cost-efficient and time-saving

Dental bonding is an easy and affordable process. You do not have to keep any retainer or aligner to keep the treatment alive. It requires few dental visits, and the results last longer than 5 years if you take care of it.


No enamel drilling is required in dental bonding to fix your crooked teeth. Therefore, it is a safe process with reversible results. Some people are concerned about the irreversible effects on your teeth like teeth thinning. So dental bonding becomes a safe option where your natural teeth are not kept as they are.

  • No aftercare 

You can return to your normal lifestyle after dental bonding by brushing your teeth, eating your favorite food, etc since dental bonding does not require any intensive aftercare and healing period.

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